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Ain’t no Mountain High Enough May 1, 2017

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When most of us were younger we couldn’t wait to get older. There was always a magical age where we thought all the problems and misery we were currently experiencing would disappear. Life would be stress free and we could do whatever we wanted. Then you get older and realize each age comes with it’s own set of rules and regulations and you set the bar for the next landmark age. We take on roles which add to the constraints we feel. Brother, son, father, mother, daughter, wife the list goes one. Each label locks us in to a role a mask we put on that hides our true selves until the masks become our reality as well. It’s ok though. We comfort ourselves with the knowledge that the next age, the next milestone we will be free in some way. We will ascend the mountain of our personal universe and live the life we think we would live if only we were not held back by .. well.. life.
Then hopefully comes the moment when you realize that the only one putting expectations on you is yourself. That freeing moment when you understand that approval from other people when you meet their expectations isn’t important. There is no magical age where you are free to start living the life you want to except the one you are right now. If people walk away from you because you chose to be true to yourself it’s ok. That doesn’t make them a horrible person nor does it make you one. It makes you people whose paths have diverged and that is ok. Many will stay and new people will join you in joy.
Today I am walking my own path. If you feel up to it come join me for a bit.


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