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Strangers in the Flight January 15, 2017

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This will come as no shock to some of you but I love flying. Airports are a great way to meet random fabulous people and make connections. Some will be brief and some last longer but it’s the fun of meeting new people that makes me enjoy this mode of travel so much. It also lets me eavesdrop on conversations that probably shouldn’t be had in a public space.
Today as I waited for my flight I overheard a young woman on the phone alternately crying and swearing angrily about someone who had done her wrong it seems. In truth I was on her side until she said ” Well I’m sorry I hurt her feelings but I certainly am not sorry for what I said”
Oh man… talk about a blast from the past. How many times my ex said that to me are too too many. This is such a classic non-apology. She isn’t sorry for anything but she needs to find a way to say she is sorry without admitting she is wrong. It reeks of narcissism.
Then there was the lady with the dog who did not understand why she had to board last even thought she had been reserved front row seats. I get that you need your dog with you but have a little compassion for the flight crew. Have a little compassion for the dog too. Not having to deal with a steady stream of humanity might make the flight a little more relaxing for him too.
A lovely lady who thought, despite having a boarding number of 56 she could slip in with the first 20 passengers. Then decided to double down on her rudeness by insisting it didn’t matter what number she had because we all had to get on the plane anyway. To which the gate agent said “Exactly, so why not wait your turn”
A poor young fellow who had clearly just broken up with his girlfriend and went through all five stages of grief on the phone with one of his bros.
Right now as I type there is a couple from Green Bay absolutely delighted by the fact that their team is trouncing the Cowboys. The rest of the restaurant/bar is solidly behind them despite being fans of the Pats, Seahawks, Broncos and even one lone Raider fan. Terrible fun.
In an age where many people see flying as a chore or burden I sit here among my fellow humans and simply enjoy their many faces.


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