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Jokers to the left of me, clowns to the right and here I am August 23, 2015

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hiding under my chair.

Lately I have been noticing this feeling poking around in the corners of my head. Well, two actually. And of course.. they are somewhat opposite of one another. On the surface at least.

The first one shouldn’t be too surprising to some of you. It’s time for me to seriously contemplate a weekend away by myself. In a cabin. With no noise. No electronics, no phone, just me and nature making googly eyes at each other. Actually what I would really like is a week away but reality is making that “I don’t think so honey” face at me. Even a handful of days would be better than none though. Perhaps for my birthday… three days in a cabin in late fall doesn’t sound like a bad thing at all.

The other one is something that honestly surprises me. I…well.. lately… umm… I kinda miss the company of women. Just being able to hang out with a group of women and talk about things without thinking about how what I am saying is coming across. Ok, not just women. Pagan women. There I said it. I miss being part of that particular sisterhood. *sigh* At some point I’ll solve that problem but man, never thought it would happen to me. Lately thought there has been something compelling, needful about the idea of the energy in a circle of women.

Ok, now that that is out in the open it means I’ll have to work on it. Feel free to roll your eyes and move on. 🙂


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