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hey, I put some new shoes on and everybody’s smiling, November 7, 2014

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now that they are on the other foot

Let me say upfront that I firmly believe that things that happen on the internet are not the real world. So many tempests in a teapot. Too many people who sit in front of their computers reblogging other people’s outrage instead of going out into the real world and making a difference or even writing outrage in their own words. Let me be clear, in my own opinion- if all you do all day is sit online and reblog other peoples social justice issues then you contribute nothing to the betterment of those issues.

There are issues, however, which have been Tumblr’d and FBed about which absolutely need to be spoken about. The newest, trendiest one right now is feminism. Don’t get me wrong, feminism is an important subject. One that should be discussed on an ongoing basis instead of just until the internet SJW’s find something new to latch onto. (Do any of them remember Ferguson? Still happening)

Many of my lovely, intelligent, progressive friends have taken up the cry of the feminist. “Equality! Equality!” I absolutely believe they are supremely sincere in their desire to remove the inherent sexism in our society as am I. But even they have moments of less than feminist behavior. A few weeks ago during a regular gathering a few of the girls started teasing my husband Pinky by calling him “straight Pinky” as he was the only straight person in the room. I even joined in. However in the following week I realized just how wrong I was. Here we were, asking to be treated with respect regardless of our gender, orientation or beliefs but had no problem picking on someone else for theirs. Imagine calling the only lesbian in the room “gay Matilda” . When the shoe is on the other foot is doesn’t feel as comfy does it? (for the record I apologized to him as soon as I realized I had done wrong)

So let’s keep the dialog going. Let’s admit when we don’t live up to the standards we are demanding from others and treat our friends a little more kindly even if they aren’t in the minority.

and let’s get our asses off the internet and do some real life work for justice.


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