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I can see clearly now October 2, 2014

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I found my glasses…


It’s been a month of revelations.

As many of you know about a month ago I started to get migraines on an almost daily basis and this went on for about two weeks or so. There were many trips to the doctor, to the emergency room, many consultations and advice and lots and lots and lots of medicine. There was so much curtailing of regular activities also. About a week into all of this I started to get really frustrated with the things that I couldn’t do, with the amount of medicine I had to take, basically just everything involved with having a condition that was often times extremely debilitating.

As I was complaining to myself in my head (as you know the something I do) I realize that there are people out there who live with this every day and here I was a week into having to think about pain management medicine and doctor appointments and whether or not I could do certain activities that I had done with no problem in the past and out there  are people who deal with this every day, for some of them almost all the lives. As frustrating as it was, at least for me there could be an end. For all the difficulty that I have with the situation I know that in the end I’m still blessed not only by the people in my life but also by this glimpse into somebody else’s world.  The insight I’ve been given will give me a little more tolerance and understanding to others.

Clue by four delivered with love.


You say yes … I say no October 1, 2014

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But mostly I whine.

Late last week my doctor put me on a migraine trigger diet for two weeks which basically just cuts out all of the foods I eat every day. No dairy, no protein, no eggs, nuts, citrus and so on. So like the dutiful patient I stocked our cabinet full of brown rice and vegetables.

And here I suffer. Living on the slim bounty of healthy wheat free grains and vegetables and non citrus fruit. Yesterday was my first day on this new plan. I spent the day whining and complaining to anyone who would listen about my suffering. Woe is me who must suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous broccoli!

This morning as I renewed my internal monologue with myself (yes.. yes I do debate myself internally. Don’t you? ) the rational voice in my head finally spoke up and reminded me that being able to voluntarily not eat is a luxury that many people don’t have. Many people go hungry every day. It was a smack in the face to the more irrational part of me. Here I was complaining about being hungry for a few hours between meals when there are so many for whom hunger is not a choice. Instead of finding the misery in it perhaps this is a good time to find the lesson in it.

So lessons I will find. Hopefully more compassion too.


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