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The end of fear is where we begin August 17, 2014

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The moment we decide to let love in

There are times when the Universe is obvious in it’s lessons. When you see a theme coming at you from varied places. Lately the Universe has been speaking to me about fear. Specifically the fear of speaking out.

Over the last few weeks people have been talking to me about the things they think are wrong in the world. The subjects range from the big (society is doing this wrong) to the small (that thing that guy said to you was wrong). The one thing they all have in common is the people doing the talking are upset or offended but they feel that way privately. Publicly they are afraid to speak out. “I don’t dare. People will ostracize me” or ” No one will listen. Besides that isn’t my place”. In small pockets here and there people are beginning to overcome the fear of speaking out. Little by little one voice becomes many. However, even if you are the only voice in the wilderness make your voice heard. If you can’t speak out publicly then do you have the right to complain privately?


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