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I walk alone June 29, 2014

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With a cheeseburger in darkness…

Cleaning up my LJ and other social media accounts this morning I noticed that someone on my LJ had taken me off as one of her friends. Not sure when it happened but my guess is that it happened some time ago. At first I was surprised and a little hurt. Then I realized that she wasn’t really a friend. Just someone I knew from a group we were both part of. on the periphery of my life. Not really a loss. This is part of the falseness of social media. It makes you hoard people who you would otherwise not have in your life. It makes those people who should receive your attention and care get less. LIke weeds in a garden.

This comes on the heels of lots of time this weekend spend at the con being reminded that people in real life are so much more beautiful. Both inner and outer beauty. Pictures on a screen have nothing over the look of someone’s smile as it lights up their face.


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