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Together we stand January 21, 2014

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Divided we fall. 

 Today is Martin Luther King Day. What follows is not a tribute to a great man.(he was) It’s not my thoughts on the state of racism in this country. (there is) What follows is what MLK Day means to me. 




Take a good look at this picture. What do you see? You see Dr. King, surrounded by people holding hands. A united front. Dr. King was a great man but he also had other, nameless heroes with him. You see them there. In countless other pictures of marches and sit ins. People who simply wanted a better life. One with dignity. 

Now it’s a good thing that so many people today recognized the holiday with posts on various social media websites quoting Dr. King. However I would like to see a different kind of celebration. One that isn’t really a celebration at all. In honor of all those people who risked their lives for something they believed in I would like to see us all get off our computers , go out and stand for something we believe in. Words have power this is true. Many of you are writers or speakers and both those things have their place. How moved are many of us, still, years later by the “I Have a Dream” speech? Let’s not forget though that those speeches were to hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of people. 

There comes a point where words can do no more and action is needed. So come on, let’s honor all those who came before us. Let’s get off the couch and go change the world again.


We are the champions January 19, 2014

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The overuse of chemicals in our food supply is something I am very concerned about. Many of my friends share this concern. However this is not going to be a rant about the evil of mega corporations such as Monsanto, GMO or Big Agra. This is going to be a suggestion. A suggestion of a small solution whether you believe in the over use of chemicals in our food supply, want to eat a healthier diet or live in a place where fresh fruits and vegetables are harder to come by. This is something that works no matter the reason to implement it.

Let’s all grow Victory Gardens.

What!?!? You say. A Victory Garden? Those things that were popular during the war? Why do something so old fashion?

Because we need them. We need a victory over the slow decline of healthy food sources. Even if all you do is put a tomato plant on your patio or maybe some strawberries hanging upside down in your kitchen window it helps. This is a victory for organic foods. This is a victory for whole, healthy foods. This is a victory for self-reliance. This is a victory for people. There was a time when every home had a small garden where they grew their own food to supplement what they had to buy. It may be time to revive that old timey tradition. You don’t have to have a green thumb either. Ask any gardener how easy it is to grow summer squash or beans!

There is another, intangible benefit to taking your food into your own hands. A sort of pride in knowing the food on your table came from your own efforts. A connection between you and the people before you for whom food production was a matter of life and death. A connection to the world around you and a rhythm that your body is familiar with but that you may have lost touch with. A comfort in knowing exactly where your food came from. A happiness you are doing right by your body. 

Let’s do this, let’s grown something this summer.


Look at all the shiny people…

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Small rant here so if you are not in the mood to listen to me complain then move along and I promise tomorrow will be better.

I saw a post somewhere yesterday which basically said “I treat you with respect so you owe me the same respect”

Here is a secret kids- unless you tell someone what behavior you want from them you should never assume they know. Shocking I know coming from someone whose whole gender is painted with the “why can’t you read my mind” brush but it’s true. After many, many, many, many years of poor relationship behavior you can trust me on this. Do not expect that just because you treat someone a certain way (respect, empathy, putting them first etc) does not mean they owe you the same behavior. Don’t even get me started on the concept of “owing” behavior. None of us are equipped to read minds. IF you want something from someone you are in a relationship with then for gods sake talk to them about it. It’s this crazy new fangled thing all the cool kids are doing called communication. Try it.


We’ll take a cup of kindness yet… January 1, 2014

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For days of Auld Lang Syne. 

Well here we are at the end of another year. I’ve been thinking off and on all week what kind of year end post I was going to write. Do I write about the year that was? For many it was a difficult one so it would feel awkward to talk about the bounty we experienced this year. I could write about the year that will be. But why go over resolutions or goals that will just get put by the wayside as life takes over as it always does. Big picture, inspiration, words of wisdom, humorous life observations. They have all been done by people far better with words than me. 

So in the end here is the gist of my end of the year thoughts- 

I hope that more people spend more time interacting in real life and do so in kindness. I hope that they can bring that kindness to the internet too. 

Being better and forgiving ourselves when we can’t be is a good goal for life. 

I like you. You may not think it but I do. Honest. 

I forsee finished projects and more tea in my future. 

Honesty for a day was fun. I think I am going to try more of it. In small doses mind you. People are fragile in a lot of ways. 

Remember when we used to get together and talk? Let’s do more of that. Have you never come over for tea and talk? Let’s try and do that this year. You are always welcome in my home.

There are times when you have to stop thinking and simply start being. 

Have a great year. 



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