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In ‘artford, ‘ereford and ‘ampshire ‘urricanes.. August 23, 2013

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 play hockey! 

  Yesterday was my speech therapy appointment. Since my surgery my throat has been wonky so the good ENT sent me to a speech therapist to look into vocal cord issues. I could have told him there were issues with my voice. I can hear it. It sounds too often like my sister’s voice which is higher than mine. Plus there is a gravel quality to it at the end of the day. 

 This was one of the most fascinating tests I have ever taken. The therapist, Matt, explained everything we did and why we did it. It does seem there is a little bit of “bruising” to parts of my vocal cords. We are going to try a few tools to help it heal. 

 The first tool is to soften the beginning of my sentences. This means starting with a soft sound like “H” instead of something hard like “G”. Yep… I have to break myself of saying “Good morning” Turns out this is a Bad Thing for Vocal Cords(tm). From now on it’s “hello” or “hi” or “Hood morning”

Wish me luck with that one! 


What a pain in the August 20, 2013

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Quick update for the state of the Lisa-

I am tired all the time now. My default used to be a level of energy that ranged from normal to ” a little too much caffeine” Now it’s “wow I sat for 15 minutes without falling asleep! Go me!”

This week is full of tests to boot. My throat still hurts and we have passed the healing from surgery mark. Surprisingly Dr. Douchlittle gave me a referral to a really nice ENT guy. He has me going for a boatload of test this week including a barium swallow (no food/liquids after midnihgt woo…?) speech therapy and yet another ultrasound.

Once the results of these tests come back I will go to a new PCP and we will take if from there.

Wish me luck !


Hey sister, soul sister August 16, 2013

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Here is something I never understood- why people feel the need to inflate their sense of self in an intimate setting.

Telling me you are the grand high wizard of lodge X which was established when Moses was still making bricks means nothing to me. I don’t care if you have a title that inspires fear in millions (or even one), I don’t care who your parents are, I don’t care that you know that famous person that everyone (even myself) thinks is cool, I don’t care if you ate the entire book and now know it intimately. I don’t care if the things you own are so awesome even the new royal baby can’t get one. I don’t care if your house is 20,000 square feet of tech that makes Bill Gates weep with desire. Hell, I don’t even care if Jesus comes to you nightly and rubs your feet while singing show tunes. None of that matters if you are not a good person at heart. All those things are just outward trappings. Show me your inner self. Don’t be afraid if it’s a little burnt around the edges. So is mine. That is part of your beauty. Stop showing me your stuff and show me your you.


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