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Work is hard June 16, 2013

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..Let’s go shopping.

This morning I was on a popular website called Reddit. For those of you who are not familiar with it, it’s kind of a huge bulletin board type thing. Go take a look, you will see what I mean. Anyway….

There was this person who I am sure is lovely and caring and all sorts of nice things. They were having a problem with their SO (that is significant other) and needed the advice of the wise people of internets land. It seems they broke trust with their partner and their partner was very unhappy with this. Not too surprising. The surprise was the SO said “You are going to have to work twice as hard to earn my trust back” and the poster was angry at that. After all, they apologized. What more needed to be done?

Twice in two days I have run across this idea of “I am totally behind doing what needs to be done” followed quickly by “Oh wait..no one told me it would take work to do it. I’m out”

It’s ok to say that you don’t want to do the work it takes to get something done but if you do for the love of small hairy mammals do not then complain about situations you will not work to fix. Have we all lost our sense of responsibility? This isn’t about manning up (whatever the hell that means) or being tough. It’s about being honest with yourself. Try it for just a day. Don’t say “she is asking too much of me” or ” He is doing this for revenge” Say “I don’t want to be reminded of my mistake” or whatever other reason is the core of the problem. Until you are honest with yourself about why you don’t want to do the work it takes to change your situation then you can’t actually change it.

I promise not only won’t it hurt …eventually but you might actually begin to like yourself a whole lot more.


The Christian and the Lioness

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There is this guy I work with – we will call him Christian. He ‘s a sweet man who thinks we are on opposite ends of the isle when it comes to our faiths. He also reminds me of my ex-husband but the good parts. Well, most of the time the good parts. From time to time I am going to share some of our conversations. Here is the first –

Christian- “I know I should eat healthier but it’s not easy”

Lioness- “Well I do have a diet that is super easy to remember but you won’t do it”

C – ” What kind of diet is it? I can do it’

L- “I know you, you are going to tell me five minutes from now you can’t do this simple diet”

C- “You don’t know that. Tell me”

L- ” Just stop eating processed foods. If it wasn’t alive, then don’t eat it”

C- ” I can do that. What do you mean by processed foods?”

L- ” Bread, pasta, granola bars and so on”

C – ” That doesn’t seem so bad……”

L- (with a smile) “Cheerios”

C – ” Oh no I can’t do that! Not my Cheerios”

L- “It’s a processed food. And it took you three and a half minutes to say you can’t do it. My timing must be off”

C – ” That is my breakfast. You can’t take away my breakfast”

L- ” This is the best way to eat healthy. I did tell you that you wouldn’t do it.”

C- “I am going to have to talk to my pastor tonight after church”

L-*giggle* “Are you telling me you are going to ask your pastor if you can keep your Cheerios for breakfast?”

C- “Yeah. Why?”

L *laughter* “This is why I like you so much”

Not all conversations are about the big questions. Sometimes you just want to know what’s for breakfast.


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