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I believe for every drop of rain that falls May 6, 2013

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a weed sneaks into the flower beds.

After waiting for many long years the transformation of Dom Hagar into a place where foodstuff and pretty plants grow regularly is finally underway. We are shooting fora good mix of fruits/vegetables/grains and herbs. Let’s see what’s growing shall we?

Pears- A nice standard pear tree. Not only is the fruit one of my favorites but the pear water makes a great stand by sweetener.

Peaches- Nothing says summer like peach juice dripping down your chin. Another fav of mine.

Plums- Quite possibly my number one. Soft, sweet, tender.

Cherries- Dwarf cherry bushes will hopefully give us a bumper crop. These will can super well.

We decided against apples simply because they are so plentiful in the area. Hopefully we can get to the point where we can trade with friends who have apples for some of our fruit.

Pinky has decided this will be the year of the pepper for him. We have seeds for everything from Anaheim chilis to the Trinidad Scorpion. After last year’s Doomsday of the Cat, when our Maine Coon Cadi ate every last pepper seedling, he isn’t taking any chances. They are out on the porch which is a no cat zone at the moment. Seven or eight varieties ..wait..I mean nine. No, no…ten including two that come from an heirloom-esque company.

More standard vegetables will be growing too- corn, cukes, squash (3 kinds), eggplant, onions, tomatoes (3 kinds) for sure. Maybe more if there is room. The corn, squash and beans will be planted together in the traditional 3 sisters set up. I found a great website that let me order all sorts of heirloom-esque beans mostly from Central Asian countries so I am hoping they will be a little more drought tolerant than regular beans. Some of these varieties include Tashkent brown &white, Purple Fava, Ijevan red runner,Armenian Giant Black and Kare grandma to name a few.

A standard kitchen of herbs of course. Cilantro, basil, thyme, oregano, rosemary. Lots of basil. Homemade pesto is the best pesto.

Rugosa roses for their hips. They have the most vitamin C of any rosehips. Next year we wll plant a damask rose for oil and red and white ones because well, Anglophile. ;)but man does 

Mulberry tree we planted that last year it look good! 


Raspberries from Pinky’s mother will grow along the fence in the hopes of hiding the ugly.

Frost grapes which grow wild should be easy to re-establish. My grandfather grew them along one side of the yard and rumor has it he used them to make wine. We probably won’t make wine but brandy is a different story.

Which leads us to the hops. Two kinds, aromatic and bitter should give us a little variety.

To go with the hops there is Kamut wheat. HIgher in protein it is also good for people with a gluten intolerance. This was the wheat they would have planted in Poland and south into Ukraine so the connection to my ancestors was hard to resist. 

Rye is already in the ground. Both for distilling and baking. If it’s a success this year then next year’s plot will be twice the size. 

Flax for fiber and seeds. Nothing says yes please like a healthy dose of omega3 yes? 

Lest some of you think it’s all about food and nothing else we have a wide variety of “just because” plants too. Shade plants such as cinnamon ferns, lilly of the valley. Pussywillows in pink, hydrangeas, red twig dogwoods, a ton of bulb flowers from friends as well as the tulips from last year.Indoor plants galore – coffee, citrus trees, goji berries, vanilla orchids,  and a tea plant. 

It seems like quite a bit but there are a few things that we still want. A sugar maple, hazelnuts, a paper birch for sure. A walking stick tree for the boy if possible. If there is one thing a garden teacher us it’s patience right? Now that it’s all in the only thing left is to tend and wait. Some things we will see results from sooner than others which kind of takes the edge off thankfully. Until then we hope for the best. and rain.. just a little rain. 


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