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What goes up March 11, 2013

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Must come down.

Then up again.

It’s very hard to try and navigate the healthy living waters in this day and age. As a girl who has struggled with a porr body image all her life it’s been pretty difficult to find a place that is healthy and sane. I’m a curvy girl. I will always be a curvy girl. There is no way I will ever be that body ideal the press likes to foist on us as the right way to look. I don’t believe that’s true anyhow. People are awesome just as they are. Not surprisingly though it’s easier to like other people’s bodies than my own.

See? I have already fallen into the body trap. It’s not about size. It’s about health. It should always be about health and size is not indicative of health. So this week I start a new journey to health. It’s time. Instead of the usual stats I am going to try my measurements. Right now they are ¬†44-37-46. My cholesterol is normal as is my glucose levels. However I have noticed I am out of breath sooner than I should be. This means stamina, muscle mass keeping my energy levels up are on my goal list.

Normally I am an all or nothing type gal. (Scorpios are like that you know) Instead of throwing myself into this, not being able to keep up the intense pace and giving up this time we are going to set smaller goals. This week- three days of yoga, two of hiking, blog all my food and NOT step on the scale every day. Yeah. Not weighing myself is a goal. It’s got to be.

One step at a time.


When you wish upon a star March 9, 2013

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sometimes magic happens.

Part of my job is talking to people. In many ways it puts me in the bartender role. The same thing was true back when we had the store with the tea bar. People just talk to me. Maybe it’s my face. Maybe it’s that I listen. Who can tell.

One of the most popular topics of discussion is how much people are dissatisfied with their jobs. Followed quickly by “I love my job but the people I work with drive me nuts” This is when I pull out my favorite question stolen lock, stock and bellywork from Dr. Joy Browne- “IF you had a magic wand and could do anything in the world no restrictions, what would you do?” ¬†Most people are silent for a moment, some joke and tell me they would do nothing. I tell them they have to do something. What would be their dream job.

That is when the reality sets in for most of them. They have no idea what to do to make their soul happy. None. How many of us can really answer that question though? We lose our way to our hearts content so often.



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