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In the Beginning February 20, 2012

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there was the Word.

There is no doubt that words have power. They are how we describe the things that are real. Words are how we take the real universe and try and bring it into our reality. Words are a tool of maya that makes it more real. Never use them carelessly if you can help it for even though they are tools of illusion what they create has weight and depth. In the beginning when there was just the Universe, before it was spoken into the form it is now, there was nothing, then the Word was spoken and it was that Word which set this in motion. We are all pieces of that original Word acting out our part of the sounding of it and when the Word is done being spoken then all this will vanish and silence will reign once more. Until the next Word is spoken.


Words are part of illusion and carry the power to change  this reality because of it.


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